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The gallery forms part of the African Hall, which accommodates the snack bar, 2no. Marble staircases providing access to the gallery from the Foyer, and another staircase in the hall also links the gallery. Facilities available on the gallery include the following:

i. A snack bar, which overlooks the Foyer with a sitting capacity of 200 people, it has 2nos. tea measuring equipment machine with cabinets.
ii. 2nos. storage rooms
iii. 1no. security office
iv. 1no. Janitors closet
v. 1no. communication control room, which are fitted with communication equipment.

Our coffee bar, Ms Robyn's,is equipped with a snack/coffee cafe, satellite TV, and Internet services in a luxurious setting with an awesome view of the well kept gardens and a huge water fountain. MS Robyn's, is an attraction to most visitors who have had the pleasure of sipping mid-afternoon coffe, tea or a drink while enjoying the scenic view through the tinted glass curtain wall of the foyer.

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